Shayan Kavakeb

PhD Student (January 2011 - )
Constraint Satisfaction and Optimisation Group
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
University of Essex skavak

Shayan joined University of Essex as a PhD student in January 2011. His research extends the Guided Local Search.

He has developed a Demo to solve the set covering problem (SCP) by applying Guided Local Search. The set covering problem is one of fundamental problems in combinatorial optimization. It is usually describes as a m-rows, n-columns matrix with zero-one elements, the aim of this problem is to find a sub set from set of columns which covers all the rows at minimal cost. Many algorithms have been introduced for SCP such as Lagrangian Relaxation, Genetic Algorithms, Probabilistic Algorithms and so forth. Guided Local Search (GLS) has not been applied for SCP before his research. This demo has been tested by test problems from OR-Library. In all the instances it could reach the Best Known Solutions.

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