Dr Mathias Kern

Research Professional
Intelligent Systems Research & Innovation Centre
BT Group Chief Technology Office

mathias.kern can be contacted at bt.com

Mathias Kern joined the Constraint Satisfaction Research Group at University of Essex in 2000 as a PhD student, sponsored by EPSRC and BT.

Mathias's research is on dynamic scheduling. Based on Population-based Incremental Learning (PBIL), a simple form of Estimation of Distribution Algorithms, he developed MAPAA (Multi-Algorithms' Parameter Adaptation Algorithm) for selecting heuristic search algorithms and tuning their parameter. This self-adaptation is particularly useful for solving dynamic scheduling problems, such as BT's workforce scheduling problem (see Essex work on this problem). MAPAA is being embedded into BT's iOpt system, which is a general framework implementing a wide range of local search algorithms.

Mathias joined BT and successfully completed his PhD in 2005.

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